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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Name glows! Why did the name glows have to go?!
I'll second this.

However, as for this topic:

I think that the new features are good for the forum. No offense meant here - but I think that some of the members are stuck in the 'good old days' mindset of LF when it was a smaller, tighter community. I remember some of those times (not as much as others, though) and I miss them too. But this won't be the death of the forums, IMHO.

The new features might be a bit myspace-y, but I think that the reason they're being used to the extent they are is because everyone is trying out their new toys. I think that the usage will die down after a bit and then it won't really matter all that much. In fact, there aren't that many members that are using it now.

@Astro: I understand your concerns, but I don't think this update is a negative. I still intend to post in HL and Ahto and Kavar's. It's not like this site will morph into a facebook clone and the forums will stop.

And if we'd have put the poll up before, the response wouldn't have kept the change from happening. I for one would definitely voted for them to implement these 3.7 changes.

And as for you, Source - I found your post to be offensive, crude, and out of place. You can voice your negative opinion without condescension. Not a flame, just letting you know that what you said doesn't rest well with me.

Originally Posted by Mama Jae
Welcome to the 21st century of computing life.
That's what computers are all about - these sort of changes.

And Astro - that's my 20.5854502 centavos.


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