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Vin looked up from his table to see the two bouncers throw out the poor old man into the dark streets of the underworld. Not like he did anything wrong though, the drunk was the one who started it.

With the news about this Jack Goren, it was a wonder if he'd avoid capture. With Vin however, it was different case; he himself left the Order when he was just given an assignment to investigate the work of the Exchange in the Underworld. Thanks to both the training provided by Atton Rand (learning how to block your mind by playing cards in your head) and strong tension of anger and hatred spreading throughout the Underworld, similar to that of Nar Shadda, Vin has been invisible to the order for about a week, before they would even realise.

During the week, Vin had employed himself as a freelance Mercenary, and was trying desperatly to find a job to get off Coruscant. Public transport was risky.

But what really was on his mind was the pulsations of the force leading to a Lightsaber. He looked through the rioting crowds of the Cantina to identify where it was coming from. Could it be someone from the Order hunting for Goren? Or perhaps for Vin? Or was it just someone who kept a Lightsaber to help them sleep at night?

Which ever the case, Vin thought it best to leave the Cantina and disapear once again into the darkness. He skulled his drink down, pulled his hood over his head, and left the counter. He accidently bumped into a man who was talking to a younger girl, talking briefly to one another.

"Sorry, sir..." he apoligised, but didn't have time to look at the face. He walked out of the Cantina and into the night air.
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