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To be honest I've hardly even noticed the new features, and have just kept on using the forums as I did before. They seem like something you can ignore exceedingly easy if you don't really care for them. I'm not sure how they could be detrimental to anyone or anything, as they're really just fluff around what's a regular forum.

I don't think there'd have been much point in having a poll beforehand, though. We had to upgrade the forum software for the sake of security and resolving bugs, and most of what's been introduced was simply part of the newer vBulletin package. It probably seems like quite a lot because we'd fallen very far behind with regards to versions, and a lot of new features had been introduced in that time.

If certain things attract overwhelmingly negative or positive opinion then they can be either de-emphasised or given more exposure. Just leave posts in the feedback forum please.

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