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The scene was frankly nauseating in it's sweetness, like being drowned in an ocean of honey. One of the particularly intellectual men had, for some mystifying reason, hunted down and killed a rat, using his sword when he had a perfectly serviceable bow. Why he looked for a rat when they're in a perfectly good landscape with plenty of animals that are actually edible...That's a question I don't think will ever be answered.

He was up to his elbows in this, and it made him want to vomit. On the other hand, the more irritated he got with their sickly-sweet antics, the less his injuries seemed to throb.

"Elves." He muttered to himself. They always seemed to feel the need to stick their noses where it didn't belong. Not only that, she backed the Dwarf up, and Kadis would bet an apple against an acorn that the Dwarf knew more than he was letting on about these bandits. The fact that the Dwarf had repeatedly dodged his demands for a number on how much they were being paid was infuriating, not to mention suspicious.

But if what the Dwarf said was true and they were really hauling Mithril, there was a king's ransom to be had here, more than enough to rebuild his Company.

How the hell did this Dwarf get his hands on this much Mithril but not have enough coin to pay for some professional guards? And why did he leave at night?

That was an uncomfortable thought. This wasn't contraband - as far as Kadis remembered, it was perfectly legal to haul Mithril. So that left the possibility that these goods weren't entirely legitimate - Stolen Goods.

No sense keeping your mouth closed. The Dwarf didn't have many friends in this party at this point.

"Dwarf, you've been quite...evasive, and it's getting irritating. You're hauling Mithril. Alright. So why didn't you hire some trained guards instead of every thug, sellsword, and hero-wannabe in a tavern? Why did we leave at night? Why were you so uncomfortable to tell us what you were hauling?"

He paused for a moment to let the words hang. "What are you hiding, Dwarf?"
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