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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by JCarter426 View Post
Really, though, I'm beginning to think it isn't worth it at all. I already have too many doubts about the game as it is.
Rest all doubts, Mass Effect is a wonderful game. It was worth me buying two Xbox 360s and HDTV to play. Mass Effect has a really good story, great concept and is fun to play. Some of the side mission to different planets can get a little annoying, but it is the best overall game I have ever played. Typical BioWare game some of the NPC lack the depth seen in games like TSL, but IMO they are deeper than KOTOR. Iíd compare it to Jade Empire only less structured and a better overall concept. Of the games I played recently Iíd rank them as followed: (in case this give you some reference where I am coming from.)

1. Mass Effect
2. BioShock
3. Oblivion (tie)
3. GTA IV (tie)
4. Assassinís Creed

I would also rank Mass Effect as my favorite RPG to date. Sure there may be better stories, but as to complete package Mass Effect wins hands down.

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