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I've found in the Groundcompaniesempire.xml the stormtroopers but when I ADD more of them it doesnt work and the game doesnt show any of the units. Maybe the format when I save with Excel is causing the game not to like it?

It seems easy enough to add more Squad_Stormtroopers so instead of 18 you add 24 giving 2 squads of 12? But I am doing something wrong as when in the game there are no units of anykind for the imperials. lol I leave the xml file in the Xml folder as per instructions from some reading.

I have a mod that I found that Removes the Pop cap and allows dead bodies to stay, the only flaw is I want to add to the stormtrooper numbers and remove non movie vehicles to make a more movie feel in the game battles.

So to refine if someone can help me change the unit squads to work and where to remove from the BUILD list the units I which to use that would be a BIG help. I still hope some of the talented modders are still around as it seems this game is dying out,.
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