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Coruscant Entertainment Center

It's Just a Little Thing
Jae Onasi

No specific time given, though after KOTOR: Friendship means doing things for others…

The piece is up to Jae’s usual great standards, and even if it is short, it was worth reading.

Pick of the week.

Midday on Dantooine
The Source

No specific era given: The joining of two warriors, even unto death.

The only problem I had with this Source was why it was one massive paragraph instead of the three I would have used instead.

The Piece 1 of a Map

KOTOR On Dantooine, The installment immediately following The Jedi, Reloaded: Our friend has not really learned any better…

The piece fits with everything written so far, so what can I say?

Pick of the week.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 3, the True Sith War.
Darth Scorpius

There are problems with phrasing ‘he might want to fight it out in the Unknown Regions and get himself possibly killed’ is cumbersome, more readily understood if written ‘more likely he might want to fight it out in the Unknown Regions, even if it meant is death’ Some word usage problems sewing (connecting two things with thread) instead of sowing (scattering).

The piece is short, but what we do have is intriguing.

The Adventures of Revan, Gray Jedi Master.
Darth Scorpius

Spanning from KOTOR to Hoth: Sometimes you just have to go with the flow…

Having the POV change so drastically was a bit jarring, but I was able to follow it after a while. Problems with improper wording. A person manning a gun is called a gunner

The one thing I was hoping for was an explanation of how Revan survived for 4,000 odd years. Having him in the present as it were made an interesting view of the world. Still pretty good work.

A silhouette of the dark

NSW Fiction: The problem is letting go…

An interesting piece. The problem was that it didn’t really flow. It was more like a surrealistic painting, and like such a painting it becomes more interesting the longer you look at it. Worth reading.

Pick of the week.


Dark Side Male Revan

Forest Of Lies Part 1
Lord Zeuss

KOTOR After Korriban on to Kashyyk: Revan slides further out of control.

The story comes out of nowhere with a unique way of looking at the dark side. The arguments given are more rational than most of the ‘I’m of the Dark Side’ view, where the bad guy just goes from Jekyll to Hyde in the same scene. The slippage is more discussion leading to thoughts that go to the dark in a logical manner.

Well done.

Light Side Female Revan

Nothing Lasts Forever

PreKOTOR to the future: How do you derail a prophesy? Can you derail one?

The story was well done, but the constant jumping in time caused some confusion. I enjoyed it though.

I Remember
The Disciple

TSL at the Traya Core: As she fades from life, The Exile remembers one last moment of pleasure.

This piece required a second reading. Not that it was bad, rather it was so well done I was moved by it. The sorrow was poignant and the end was just icing on the cake.

Pick of the Week.

The Crazies Only Come out at Night

TSL on Nar Shaddaa: Whose the baddest, Mical or Atton?

‘complete the task correctly and timely.' would have been better as ‘correctly and in a timely manner.' But that just might be me.

That said I enjoyed it. Irreverent, full of innuendo. Very funny. The discussions in the arcade merely make the same discussions in the store that much more amusing. The constant one-upsmanship between Mical and Atton is choice. Well worth reading.

Pick of the week.

One They'd Never Seen before
Katara Ironarm

TSL Enroute to Telos after Peragus: An artifact from the past links the Exile to the original crew

The story is short enough that it leaves you wanting more. It is an interesting twist on the canon in that you glimpse briefly what happened when Revan and her crew were aboard.

Pick of the week.

Codename SailorV

TSL No specific period given: Mandalore gives some good advice.

Written in script form, the piece had Mandalore, not much for introspection, giving advice on love. It is interesting in it’s own right, and gives some depth to the bluff warrior the game created.

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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