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"There you go. Don't drink it all"


Tale took a zip of water and threw the water flask back. Tale made his way up standing and took a deep breath. People around him seemed to be angry. He didn't have time nor the desire to join them in their discussions. To much talk, to little work. he thought while walking to one of the Bandit corpses. He started examine the bandit, he didn't really recognize him, or his clothes so he couldn't tell what band he belonged too. He left the corpse and started to look at the footprints, there was nothing unusual with them but he followed them into the forrest.

Tale heard something, it could have been a few miles away, it was hard to say because of the wind. But it sounded like wolves. Tale went back to the cart.

"We better get moving, we got wolves. They probably picked up the scent of the bodies. But we shouldn't risk getting in the way of hungry wolves."
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