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((There's no cart anymore. The Bandits took it))

The dwarf looked at Kadis with a rather nasty look in his eyes.
"My, my. I think someone's after me cargo" he said and crossed his arms.
"Yer gettin' a bit too nosy for yer own good. Ye don't like how I handle business, ye can go back and leave the group, eh?" the dwarf noted as he glanced around at the group.
"Y'see, I hire thugs, sellswords, and hero-wannabes 'cause they don't ask questions. And as far as yer concerned, I'm startin' to think ye ain't the type I want in this group. But it's yer business if ye want to be paid handsomely for getting that cargo back or not" the Dwarf noted before turning to the rest.
"Yer rest is over. Go find me cargo. I'll be in Stonehaven" the dwarf told them before starting to walk the road eastwards.

Eldir stood up, putting his armor back on and grunting.
"Thanks" he said to Kadis before strapping the sheathed word back where it was supposed to be and tying the water flask on his belt. He was a wild elf. Something bigger and more talented than a few bandits would take before he would be immobilized for a long time. But heck, did it still hurt to move around.
"You hear the man, I guess. Let's get going then" Eldir said without too much joy in his voice.

Skarra watched the petty exchange of words between Kadis and the dwarf before chuckling and looking around. He made sure the thief and Radek were still around before making sure his equipment was all there. Before he moved anywhere, he took a piece of elven bread from one of the pouches on his belt and ate it before putting the rest of the bread away. That would keep him going good for another few hours or so, after which another piece would no doubt be required.

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