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When the bandits first attacked, Radek had been trying to convince Cia to help defend the cart. She had been reluctant to do so, for she had been forced into the entire journey. Why should she risk her neck to protect something she didn't care about? Of course, when it became evident that her neck was risked simply by being there, she was much more cooperative, but it made little difference. The cart was taken and all their fighting had been for next to nothing.

"I hate you," Cia growled to Radek. The man smiled faintly.

"I'm glad you're alive to do so, Ciannait," he answered. With Cia grumbling, the pair ate something briefly. Then, Radek saw Skarra's glance and moved to join the Centaur, gesturing for Cia to follow. She did, but reluctantly.

"So the mystery deepens," Radek said quietly to Skarra. "It is clear to me that this was an ambush. Those bandits knew we were coming, knew what was on that cart." He frowned. Then, as if he had just remembered her presence, he turned, and gestured Cia forward beside him.

"Skarra, this is an old friend..." he began.

"Old enemy," Cia cut in. She smiled tightly. "Ciannait."

"I once swore to keep my eyes on her," Radek went on. "I intend to do so."

Cia's smile broadened. "Tell me, Master Centaur," she said, "how is he to prevent me from leaving if he sleeps? He knows he needs more sleep than I..."

"Which is why I have informed Skarra of this situation," Radek answered, "for you need more sleep than he."

Cia's smile faded. "Not that it will change the present situation," she said softly, "but I am not as I was when we first met, Radek. I was impulsive, more likely to do foolish things."

"I'll be watching for this... improvement you claim, Ciannait," Radek growled. Cia sighed in frustration.

"As you will, Radek," she shot back. And with that, she went to the fire.

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