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"Arrogant son of a..." He bit his tongue. The sheer gall of it. He'd be in STONEHAVEN? Who the hell did the Dwarf think he was?

"Well, that just about confirms it to me - the Dwarf stole that Mithril, and I don't think he intends to pay us, either. I think he's hoping we'll wear ourselves out getting it back so he can slit our throats as soon as we get to Jasper.

He weighed the odds. Mithril was one of the most precious metals in existence. If he could get his hands on even a small part of it it would be more than enough to set him up for a long time.

He grinned.

"What's in it for us, getting the Dwarf's mithril back for him? I say we don't take it back. I say we take it for ourselves, an even split."
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