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Kossiyk walked out of Josyk's backroom reception area into the main cantina, into the comforting and familiar atmosphere of Jizz-Wailing and the scents of stale booze, stale clients, and the whiskey-soaked vomit of the overindulgent.

If this felt like home, he wasn't going to be sad about leaving.

Goren. Jack Goren. If I was a Jedi on the run from other Jedi, what would I do?

Escaping Coruscant was out of the question, the planetary defense grid would fry him unless he had proper authorization and someone else to man the speakers. And if you can't go up on Coruscant, you've still got five miles to go down.

So it would be the depths of Coruscant, the dark underbelly that Kossiyk knew most that he would find his 'prey'. A pity that he didn't know the human's scent, or he'd be on his trail already.

He left the bar, headed out to his speeder and tuned in to the 24/7 Coruscant News Service. Panicky reports about Dantooine wildlife savagings, a minor uprising on Qiilura that ended violently with a considerable number of dead, and an entreaty to enlist in the Republic Navy.

At least you'll be doing the killing instead of getting killed.

He snorted as he entered the apartment complex he called his home. Kossiyk, again, switched on the news service to play while he headed to his 'Storage Area'.

The Storage Area was a rather chilling sight. Floor to ceiling, five feet wide, weapons. Standard blasters and vibroblades mounted alongside saberdart launchers, ryyk blades, a Bowcaster, and other esoteric weapons. About the only thing he was missing was a Lightsaber and a Sith Lanvarok, and he had a lead on a Lanvarok.

This was a case that would require precision over raw firepower. A Merr-Sonn MSB-C7 Blaster Carbine was the ideal choice, accurate and deadly. He slung the carbine across his chest, putting the shoulder strap on as he did so to hold it in place. An extendable vibroblade was another good choice, particularly if he had Jedi to worry about. This particular blade had once been the property of a rather paranoid fellow, custom-made with a cortosis weave. The collapsibility was handy, too, able to store something the size of an average ryyk-blade into a spot the size of a blaster pistol. Kossiyk slid this piece into a sheath at his left hip.

As for his backup..

He unholstered his slug pistol and looked at it, ejecting the clip and counting the bullets. Seven, out of a capacity of twelve. Good. He slid the clip back into it.

A Blas-Tech DL-6 was the obvious choice as a backup. It didn't pack as much raw power as the MSB-C7, but it had enough to blow through unarmored targets like Jedi and it had a huge charge. He slid this into the holster on his right thigh.

Armed to the teeth, Literally. Kossiyk headed back out to his speeder, powered it back on, and waited. Goren was young. He couldn't wait forever.
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