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Name: Walknash Phouloute
Gender: Male
Race: Zabrak
Apearance: Very muscular, about 7'9" including horns. Has a scar from his left eye to the left side of his chin. His good eye is brown.
Home Planet: Coruscant
Starship: Horizon-class Star Yacht named "The Mysterious"
Affiliation: Darkness
History: Was born on Coruscant to a very wealthy criminal kingpin who beat him every day. His mother, his father told him, died in child birth. At the age of seventeen Walknash stabbed his father with his own vibroblade and inherited his criminal empire. He enjoyed the life of luxury. Two years into his criminal career, he purchased a Horizon-class Star Yacht and named it "The Mysterious". He had it modified with four concealed heavy laser cannons. Seven years later, he found he could use the Force. He heard rumors that the there was a new sith named Jaden. He had five hundred of his men roam the galaxy to find this Jaden. Perhaps, he thought, he will allow me to join him.
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