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That is the worst site on the net! BAD! It sucks! The Site that is not worthy to be named has been b+ to even most Star Wars sites! It's that stupid! And Bad! Not only does it give off very bad ideas but starts the worst rumors on the net. It only brings death and destruction to good Star Wars News. The maker is a moron and his mother smells of old feet, Run don't walk, it is that bad. Get away and stay away from this site. Reading it will make your nuts shrivel up and fall off. Bad! Quoting it will make you give off odors that will forever repeal the opposite sex or the same sex what ever. Oh so BAD! Reading a quote may cause your eyes to burst out of your skull in flames and burn your house down. DON'T GO to this site. The worthless scum bag that is the case of all evil lives at this site. Did I say it is BAD! Do not trust. Do not give hope. Do not believe, any thing you ever read at this site, I am telling you that it really is that bad. Shake in fear at the stupidity of the site and warn your children when you are old, that this site is truly, truly that bad.
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