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"I'm Arivan... I've been watching you... I'm sorry I know it's impolite to stare..." She stopped, thinking about her words for a moment, not wanting to offend the creature. "You.... you are so interesting to me. I used to hear stories about your people when I was young... and I... I just wished to talk to you... as I have never met a centaur before." She gave a shy smile.

She was usully very bold when it came to meeting new people, however the centaur made her a bit nervous. He was something famous to her, and she didn't want to get off on the wrong foot, hopefully she would become better aquainted with him. "Perhaps someday when we have a moment to sit without the threat of bandits or mythril hanging over our heads we can talk much longer. I am sure you have many interesting stories to tell." She smiled again, her love of stories was a bit of an obsession.

She had already decided someday when she was an old and grey elf she would sit and write everything she had collected over her travels. She would put away her swords and arrows and become a historian. She shook her head from her daydreaming, that day was long off and she didn't want to be rude to Skarra.

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