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"Don't get me wrong, I'd love to get it all myself. But aside from the fact that I don't have infinite space in my pack or the muscle to haul it all, I really doubt I can take on a couple dozen bandits on my own, especially with this rib."

He took a draw from his wineskin. "The Dwarf hasn't done anything for us. Look at this. We're getting these nebulous promises of wealth at the end of the road, but he's dodging giving us a number. What makes you so certain the Dwarf's 'Great Reward' won't be a copper coin or a dagger in the throat?"

Stereotypes protected the Dwarf in this case, unfortunately.

"Take a look at the facts, anyway. The Dwarf left at night. Why at night? During the day you can see better, makes it harder to get ambushed by bandits and you're wide awake when you do, and at night you can set up a ring of torches and other defenses to compensate while you rest. He refused to tell us what he was hauling, consistently refused to tell us exactly what we're being paid. I thought he was hauling contraband at first. But if it really is Mithril, and I'm not entirely convinced it isn't Black Lotus that's in those crates, then it's fairly obvious that there's something untoward about it. Like, say, stolen goods."

He doubted they would agree, or even listen to him. They were soft, accustomed to trusting.

"And now look at this. This wasn't a random attack. I've been guarding shipments up and down the roads for the past ten years, and consistently, bandits try to frighten their prey into giving up without a fight rather than start off with bloodshed at the very beginning. Which makes me think we aren't facing Bandits at all. I think we're facing a group of sellswords, Mercenaries here to kill the Dwarf and reclaim the Mithril."

He let his theory hang in the air for a moment.

"What do we owe the Dwarf? He's sending us into a den of lions without so much as a copper coin promised to us, and he doesn't even have the guts to stand with us. What do we owe him? Why should we fight and spill our blood to get this Mithril back when we're being promised nothing and been paid nothing? Especially given that this isn't even the Dwarf's Mithril anyway, given that he stole it."
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