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Eldir looked silently at Kadis before snickering.
"You're so full of yourself and something else I won't mention in the company of ladies" the elf said.
"I have been walking these paths before you were born and seen far worse bandit attacks. I agree with the dwarf with leaving at night. Bandits know just as well as you or me that the valuables come during the day just because it's day. Bandits also need rest and unless these hadn't had a scout around here, we could've easily have gotten a swallow's flight east before they found our tracks tomorrow. It also makes sense not to tell us what the dwarf's carrying when we have people like you around plotting to backstab the dwarf and take the mythril for yourself" the Wild Elf told him before shaking his head.
"And as far as you whining for the dwarf not promising to pay us, I recall he promised a hefty amount when he spread the word of looking for a group. He also has several times now stated all his assets are tied to the mythril and that we will get a hefty rewards for getting it back and accompanying it the rest of way" he continued before laughing.
"And have you ever seen a dwarf rogue? Dwarves couldn't keep quiet if their life depended on it and his stature hardly gives him an advantage on carrying that much mythril out of any storehouse or whatever place you would claim he stole it from. Besides, I saw him come into town with my own two eyes. If I know anything about estimating the tiredness of oxen and the time it takes for a dwarf to become tired, I'd estimate he had come from the dwarven mines, not from the elven forest, which is the only other place even remotely near to Kolirum-Masaar to have such large quantities of mythril stored. Your theory is full of holes and you know it. Now, if you'll excuse me" Eldir said as he left the defeated man behind, knowing too well Kadis would still continue to rave on about the dwarf in any case.

Skarra laughed lightly, half at the girl and half at her words.
"I do not have interesting stories to tell, nor do I know the deepest parts of Centaur mythos" Skarra told her with a smile. She was very timid indeed when it came to being so close to a Centaur.
"For that you would have to talk with the little bard, Eastwind Crow. Eldir is far better at stories and knows a much more of them in amount and in depth. I have only been the Guardian of a forest for over half of my days and once I rid myself of it, a thing people point at in amazement" the Centaur said before placing a hand on her head and patting it lightly.
"Eventually you will also grow out of the pointing phase. And once the initial amazement is gone, I can finally say..." he said while leaning right into her face so she could see the details of his then serious face.
"...welcome to the real world, honey"

Eldir had walked over to Skarra and the small group during this, standing right behind Arivan as Skarra straightened back up.
"Don't scare the girl, Skarra" he told the Centaur while stepping up next to the female elf.
"He likes to scare anything sentient that he knows is already timid towards him, except for the wildlife. With the animal kind he's more capable than a druid" Eldir said and Skarra chuckled, staring at Eldir.
"Arivan here wishes to know about Centaurs" Skarra told the Wild Elf who grinned and turned to Arivan.
"Well, as far as I know about Centaurs, and I have met a few, they don't talk much. Or rather, they talk a lot but little of it is useful or offers insight into their kind. Wanting to find out about Centaurs is like seeking out the true demeanor of Gods. It takes a lifetime and even then you have to guess and imagine most of it. If you want to maintain a worthy image of centaurs as the ancient beings who are here to guide and protect, continue reading the old writings but never choose to make friends with one" Eldir told her with a smile. Skarra shook his head at the confusing explanation.
"What he's saying is that reality rarely follows up on the promises made in several thousand year old legends" the Centaur told her and shrugged.

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