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Well, it was good to know he was dealing with idiots.

"I never said I had figured everything out. But I think you're being as much of a fool as you consider me being. Maybe I am being overly suspicious. It wouldn't be the first time. But ever think you're being a little overly trusting? Why has he not told us exactly what we're being paid? And what makes you so certain he didn't steal it from the Mines instead of the Forest? Besides, logically, if this were a Dwarven shipment, there'd be Dwarven guards accompanying him. Why were the bandits laying for us unless they knew we were coming, given what you said is true?"

He rolled his eyes. There was no point in continuing trying to point out the incredible series of coincidences and suspicious behaviors. They weren't going to swing for it in any case, and what did it matter? He didn't need their help to secure his 'payment'. Mithril was light enough, he could sneak a few ingots. The stuff was more precious than Gold.
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