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Originally Posted by badock View Post

I think I succeed to make kotor work in the 1280x800 mode:

That is not the "ultime-solution" but it pretty work

what is my solution ?

I think that Kotor1 will never work in a true "1280x800" mode because of the support of the "1280x1024" mode with the 1.03 patch. So i tried to run kotor in "1288x805", and it works fine

The 1288x805 mode looks very close to the 1280x800 mode.

how to make kotor run in wide screen mode ?

1) Run UniWs and patch kotor.exe (1024x768 interface ) to width 1288 and heigth 805
2) Then edit the swkotor.ini located in your kotor folder :
3) Run swkotor.exe, and the game will run in wide screen mode !!!

I hope it will help you

PS: i'm sorry for the grammatical mistaken : i am french
Thanks for all the help badock, and achilles. I've been able to get it wide screen using 1281 x 801. Although the tool bars aren't perfect they are acceptable.
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