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how quickly they forget. lightsabers worked underwater in JK, also in Splinter of the Mind's Eye. So, there are 2 examples of lightsabers being used under water. in The Phantom Flop they never needed to use their sabers underwater.

Speaking of the Phantom Flop, why did the gungans build a city underwater???? if they can breath underwater, why bother building their underwater city inside of giant air domes?? and another stupid thing from TMP... nahhh, why bother, I could go on all day.

"Weeeeeeee!!! I just accidentally BLOOOOOOOOOOWED up the droid command ship, oopsie! he he he, say whatever happened to those other 100 driod command ships we saw orbiting the planet in the begining of the movie??? oopsie!!!! he he he"

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