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Negsun, the quality loss you should be thinking about more is when your GPU drops frames, or simply cant draw them quick enough The quality of our kit improves rather than goes backwards...many games I had trouble running at full spec with my 7950GX2 get murdered on 1080p(and beyond) on my measly 8800GTS.

In one year, simply because of BR drives alone, having a 1080+ display is going to be run of the mill. PC gamers always look onwards and upwards.... so how could they ever say no to 1080+ display

M@RS >> are you kidding ?? I do custom home theater installations, I know my projectors undies out! Unless you belong to a super rich church, that feels ok at squandering $50,000 on a theatre grade HD digital projector, you'll find most standard projectors clock in at 2000-3000 ANSI Lumens. I have no need for a 3000+ lumen device in my modest home theater/projection room

Even with one of those, you can never have the sharpness that you get when you have your eyes peering at some tiny detail on an LCD/OLED display some 30cms from your face


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