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Okay, I seem to be having a unique problem with Grim Fandango. It installs for me under XP just fine, and I can get the patch applied as well, and when I go to run it the game starts just fine, but it always crashes and refuses to progress at the exact same spot: the moment in Manny's office during the intro video when the pipe behind him is about to explode. (I've never played this before, so I don't know if that's when actual gameplay kicks in or what)

I've tried the copy and paste method outlined above, and no luck. My processors don't run hyperthreading. Just the same, since I run a dual-core, I tried disabling one of the CPU's, and still no luck. I've also tried running the game in Windows 98 compatibility, and downloading different copies of the .iso, hoping that maybe it's just some corrupt data. But it's still running into the exact same problem no matter what I do.

I really want to play this game, but Windows apparently thinks otherwise. Can anyone help me?
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