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Arivan's smile faded a bit, unfourtunately she seemed to have upset the centaur no matter what she had said. What had her brother told her about centaurs a long time ago? He had met one if she now recalled correctly, they could be arrogant and were sometimes an ornery bunch.

She smiled faintly at Eldir, "I suppse you are the one to talk with then sir." She grinned, "I know we are heading out soon... But when we do rest, Skarra says you are the storyteller... I have a bit of an obsession with stories you see... I learned so many when I was an elfling... and, well someday when... When the world is at peace, I will become a recorder and a historian... It is a bit of a dream for me." She bit her tongue, this was something else she did, she always ran her mouth off at improper times- she really had to learn when to not ramble and pour out all her thoughts on a single person.

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