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Well, I'm on a 56k connection, and that's not likely to change any time soon. I'll be damned if I'm going to pay a premium for an ISDN line when ADSL or Cable are better options. The only problem I have is the time it's taking to roll out these services across the UK. I live in a semi-rural area (the Welsh Valleys), and we're pretty much the last to see any new technology.

In addition, in the UK they are limiting ADSL bandwidth to 512k/s (unless they've changed it recently, but I don't think so), and you pay 40 (approx. $65) per month for the privilege.

Also, I've heard about some real problems concerning ADSL - like they can put up to 50 users on one line, or something, which kills your bandwidth, and makes it worse than a 56k connection.

As NeJJa said, Satellite may be limited, so the broadband future for the UK is looking pretty bleak, IMHO. I find it bitterly ironic that the UK government says it wants Britain to be at the forefront of technology in Europe...what a joke!

[ /rant ]
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