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"I... I can join you all. With my father's lightsaber, I'll be loyal to be on your side, Jack."

Jack couldn't believe what Aryn had offered. Jack planned to the edge of the universe, which was no way a safe place for a young girl like Rena. But he needed the light saber if he wanted to survive this place and the harsh galaxy around him, so instead of expressing his complaints, he smiled just sheepishly and said "Ermm Great"

With Rena joining the duo, now trio, Jack stood up and headed for the door. He knew that his pursuer would have left by now and would return to the hunt after a while. Jack knew this assassins style, and would probably wait for Jack to be alone before he went for the kill, more than likely in some sort of arena battleground. As the trio left he crowded bar into equally as stuff outdoors, Jack told the other two what his plan was.

"Alright, the plan is to get ourselves a spaceship, once their we need to go to Queyta to meet an old friend of mine," Jack explained, before drawing an artifact covered in clothe from his pocket. He pealed away the clothe to reveal the glowing red artifact, it glow had a strange effect on Jack's two companions, they were almost hypnotized by it. Jack noticed the raising hands of Rena and Aryn, both wanting to touch it, causing him to realize the potential dark power this artifact seemed to have on people. But why didn't he feel any different when he looked at it?

The recovered the artifact and slipped it back into his pocket.

"My friend is an archaeologist, he'll be able to study it and figure out what it is, and why this damn thing has seemed to make me enemy number 1, any questions?"

((Note, sorry for the bit of character control, but this artifact's hypnotic power is story element and I wanted to introduce it now, before this baby really does the bad stuff))

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