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Well, it's been awhile. Just checking in to let you know that I'm still working on these. I've been busy making a Duro for the Revenge of Revan Mod. I've just posted some screen shots there. I used models and textures that are in both games, so I should be able to make some playable Duros for K1 as well. Ah, what the heck, I'll post them here too:
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Well, I promised some screenshots, and here they are:

I took PMHB03 and moved the verts around until I got a nice Duro shaped head. This way, he'll be able to use every medium size clothing model in the game. His head is a little larger than normal humans, so when equiping headgear it will clip a little, but it doesn't look too bad. I used the basic combat suit (PMBC01) and applied the Duros space suit texture to it, and added a name bar over the front left pocket.
His face is scarred from surviving the Taris bombing; they are healed over, but as he goes to the dark side, they slowly begin opening up.
It would have been WAY too much work to edit the basic N_Duros textures to make one for every armour and robe in the game. This way, has many more advantages. The only disadvantages is that his posture doesn't match the other Duros in the game, and he has 5 digits on each hand instead of 4 like the other Duros. The original Duros in episode IV had 5 digits.

So, he should be a cool party member to run around with you
Consider that a sample. A K1 version won't have the name tag or the scars, and I'll probably do a couple shades of blue\grey. The skin is asymmetrical, so maybe I'll add some different scars or tattoos. Who knows.

I'll be back onto the Aurra Sing & Asajj Ventress mods soon.

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