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Soran walked down the path inside an Entertainment Complex set right in the Underworld. There was a Cantina near-by which itself was where hosted his duels. Though Soran was a well skilled duelist and earned him title of local hero, he didn't duel for glory or honor. He dueled because fighting was a way of expressing himself. That and to him was an effective way of training himself, for something that was to come soon.

Two thugs approached the Echani duelist; a Rodian and a Weequay, both holding blasters pointed at him.

"Well, look e' here!" The Rodian greeted. "Its big, bad Echani duelist Soran! I lost alot of credits because of you!"

Soran didn't say anything. No retort. No remark. The Weequay glanced back at his Rodian accomplice.

"Perhaps you should have wagered your money on a more worthy sentient, rather than some low-level headed Trandoshan!"

"Regardless, I still would like to take a piece of this pond-scum!" said the Rodian.

Soran smirked. "I don't have the time to deal with the likes of you two. The smell kinda puts me off from ever wanting to lay a finger on either of you!"

"Oh, Echani trying to be funny are we?" said the Weequay. "Big mistake!" The two thugs aimed their weapons at Soran. But Soran drew his sword and swiped through the thugs arms. It took a few seconds for the hands to fall off from their arms, and the two thugs fell to the ground.

"Next time, be smart enough about ho you threaten!" Soran remaekd. He sheathed his Vibroblade and exited the Entertainment Complex.

As he was outside in the night breeze of the underworld, Soran looked up at the towering sky, filled with flying speeders above. Typical night for Coruscant it seems. He walked near a Cantina where he eyed a young man, wearing a dark coat over a blue combat suit and had long brown unkempt hair, exited. There was something about this man that Soran could somehow sense. Vin looked back at Soran, and gave a short nod which was suburbian for saying "hi". Soran didn't respond, but continued to walk.
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