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Kadis dug around in his pack, eying the Elven girl while he did so. Her presence made him highly uncomfortable. Her sudden appearance and nonchalant 'I was following you' not only reminded him of the fabled arrogance of the Elves, but something else about her bothered him.


A girl. Of course. Female warriors weren't uncommon among the Elves, but he had spent his entire life among the vastly different Human nations. He shook his head. It didn't especially matter on that front anyway, she was just as much of a difficulty as any other Elf.

He grabbed what he was looking for and pulled it out. Delightful. A cloth-wrapped bundle. Kadis unwrapped it, revealing a small slab of beef, heavily marbled with fat and covered in a thin layer of salt. He began brushing off the salt into a small leather pouch, then dug a small pan out of his pack and proceeded to cut the meat into small chunks.

A handful of dull, tedious steps later, a pan filled with beef stew simmered over the fire. Kadis looked at the rat one of the others had passed around earlier and shuddered. What kind of nightmarish hunter is he when the best he can bring down is a rat? How the hell did he get a rat out in the forest anyway? It'd be impressive if it wasn't such a waste.

He stirred the stew slowly, dropping a small amount of dried vegetables in there as he did so. Kadis wasn't exactly a master chef, but he had learned that well-fed men fight harder than the ones who just choked down what was left of a moldy loaf of bread.

Kadis lay down, listening to the simmer and trying to stop from touching his cracked rib.

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