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If Radek was growing restless, Cia was at least twice as restless. The half-Elf woman was so restless in fact that she actually approached her self-appointed 'minder'. A mild flicker of surprise passed through Radek's eyes as Cia approached him, but it passed quickly.

"What is it?" he asked.

"You are restless," Cia observed, "as am I. The Dwarf had his secrets; we can all agree to that, and we can agree that his secrets came very near to costing us our lives."

"Indeed," Radek agreed. "What is your point?"

"Something seems... off about this entire idea," the Thief replied. "I would have thought that you of all people would have backed out by now. You can find employment easier than this."

"I trust Skarra," Radek said slowly. "And Skarra seems to know and trust Eldir. As near as I can make it, Eldir was the only one singled out by the Dwarf..."

"I ought to have a few words with the Bard," Cia growled softly. Radek frowned.

"I was not intending to suggest Eldir knew the Dwarf's intentions," he countered, almost scolding. "Nor am I suggesting he is in league with the bandits. I was merely saying that if Skarra and Eldir intend to follow this through, then so do I." He sighed wearily. "It has been many years since I last took myself to the road, to the life of a wanderer, Cia. I need people I can trust to guide my steps until I regain my sense of the open road. For that purpose, I choose to travel with Skarra."

"Wherever his path leads?" Cia asked. Radek nodded once.

"Wherever his path leads," he confirmed. "And you shall come with me."

Cia was silent for a moment. Then, she nodded. "And I shall come with you."

"Was that resignation to fate," Radek chuckled, "or did I actually hear a spark of interest there, Ciannait?"

The corners of Cia's mouth twitched and there was a sparkle deep in her eyes. "Shut up, Man," she growled, but within the growl, Radek detected a twinge of a teasing tone. Satisfied that Cia would travel with the group, Radek again went to Skarra, this time with Cia following willingly.

"We cannot rest long if we are to find the bandits," he said. "Their trail will grow cold if we leave them too long."

"I have great skill in tracking," Cia offered. "I will do what I can to prevent our losing their trail."

Radek nodded to show Skarra that he approved of Cia's offer.

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