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Originally Posted by Tysyacha View Post
Pfeh. I can't even get past the prologue in this game!!! On the CASUAL level!!! I always end up dying somehwere near the cargo train station or trying to find the explosives.

Yes, I am the worst gamer you ever saw. Please help!!!
You have to use cover and take your time. If you're using default controls, when you Right-click, you'll aim but expose yourself a bit.

Just take cover, aim, squeeze of a few rounds, then release your aim. Wait for the Geth to fire a bit then repeat. Also, many enemies use Biotic Powers or Rocket launchers. If you see something bright or with a trail coming at you, make sure you're covered. The game will tell you that if you try to take cover behind a low object, you'll automatically crouch. I find that sometimes you don't. Make sure if you try to take cover behind a low object, you are crouched. (Default Ctrl, I believe. If the top of the object is above your head, then you're fine. If not, you need to crouch.)

Take down the biggest threat first, if possible. The biggest threat isn't always the toughest enemy, either. Sometimes it's the enemy that has the best shot at you. Make sure your cover isn't exposed.

For the explosives, don't rush! They give you plenty of time to disarm them. Just do what you did on the train and you'll be fine. You have to move at a steady pace, but make sure the area around each explosive is clear before disarming it. If nothing is firing at you, you're clear, in this instance.

Hope that helps!

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