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Click the above link and then on that page where you see MOVIE04.LAB right click on the link and choose "save as" and choose where you want it to download to and it will start downloading, it will take a little while since it's a big file.

I would really appreciate if you could upload the VOX0003.LAB file that I'm missing; to do so please follow these steps:

1. In Internet Explorer or an FTP client please put in this address:

2. Then when you're prompted use the username: nextwave and password: test12

3. If you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer (version 7 with tabbed browsing) you will need to take this extra step, if not skip to the next step. You will need to look to the top right quadrant of your page and look for the page button, click that and look for the option called "Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer". You will likely be prompted for your login info again, just use the same as before.

4. Now you just have to drag and drop the VOX0003.LAB file onto the window and wait for it to finish uploading, depending on your internet connection it could take a little while to finish.

Please just ask me for help if you have any trouble as I really need this file and this is the only lead I've come across so far.

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