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Arivan engaged Elidir in a nonchalant conversation for a few more minutes, then she glanced at the mercenary, Kadis was his name she gathered. He was wounded, she could feel his pain, would she offer help? He would probably turn her down, but then again, some men had learned of the elf healing techniques. Perhaps he would be grateful for her offer.

She strode up to him and took a seat a few feet away, she studied him for a few moments. Then pulled out her pouch of dried fruit and nuts and munched on a few more.

After a few minutes, Kadis seemed to be aware of her presence. "May I be so bold sir, to ask how terrible your injuries are? I could help you if you would accept my healing..." She waited for him to explode, he seemed like the fiery sort of person who would explode at anything you said, but like she reasoned. Perhpas Kadis wouldn't mind some help.

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