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Yesss, I heard about his dumb KOTOR, Galaxies style game a loong time ago... In another forum not so far away.

Yeah, I got my anger out there, I'm pretty upset.... I mean why waste time and money, when they could make an AMAZING KOTOR 3 game in the same vein of 1 & 2?

And when... I don't think many people would buy into that... I certainly wouldn't buy it, Galaxies was okay... But I think it was overrated... We certainly don't need KOTOR to become overrated like that.

And what if the programmers run out of time like our friends at Obsisdian? Then we'd have a bugged, terrible MMORGP!! @_@

Well 2 isn't terrible, but they should have fixed it... (Good thing we have that Team Gizka... )

STILL *BAD* idea. They should put their time and money into a beautiful, gorgeous, KOTOR 3 RPG... ^^

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