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Kossiyk had settled in for a slow patrol around the lower reaches of Coruscant. If he got lucky, and he was in for some luck, he might have a windfall in his hunt.

A few klicks from the Cantina he just left, something interesting was going down. A huge mob had formed and was pursuing a small group of individuals. Blaster bolts went back and forth, and...wait.

No blaster puts off that kind of light.

A pair of orange blades danced in and out of the mob, leaving the seared chunks of the dismembered behind. A violet blade appeared and began to dance with one of the orange ones.

As fascinating as the sight was, he didn't have time to observe. Kossiyk floored his speeder, pulling up and heading for a garage on an adjacent structure. It looked like they were heading that way, and setting down anywhere near here was an invitation to get his speeder stolen and taken to a chop shop.

Acceleration pressed him back into the thinly-padded seat. He only half-watched the growing tower in front of him, grabbing his blaster rifle off his back and attaching a scope.

With practiced ease, he snapped the scope on and brought the speeder to a sudden halt, hopping out and whistling a jaunty tune as he gathered up his weapons. Fortunately, this far down there wasn't enough of a Constabulary presence that he'd need to worry about hauling around this much hardware.

He ran to the edge of the hangar, making for a fire escape that would bring him down a few stories, giving him a low but still viable vantage point from which to cover the fleeing Jedi.

That crowd made him uneasy, though. Most of them couldn't hit the broad side of a Star Destroyer from twenty meters away, as evidenced by the amount of blaster bolts spattering relatively close to him.

This is gonna be ugly.
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