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Originally Posted by The Hobo In A Box View Post
and ive downloaded the file, how do i put the file into the folder?

still keeps saying stuff about a missing file and some other error that doesn't let me play the game

assert handler

Res.c(2075): (int)fh 7 0 && (int)fh <= MAX_OPEN_FILES
I honestly don't know what that would mean...all I did was copy the file, in my case VOX0003.LAB into the Grim folder, did you do that? Did you install the patch after moving the file? Are you sure the whole file downloaded, it should be 102MB. If the whole file didn't download try logging into the FTP using the steps I gave above and make sure the whole file downloads, you may have to turn off any firewalls you have running. I hope that helps, let me know how it goes.
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