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"Enough about me. What about you? You always follow people along the Massar-Jasper trade road?" She laughed, a sound like tinkling bells. "Well, I like to find adventure... and sometimes it doesn't come my way. So I have to seek it out myself... Plus following people helps improve my scouting abilities." She paused for a moment, "And as I said before, the group is full of not just men... But elves, dwarves, and a centaur. When I saw Skarra I couldnt' pass up the oppurtunity... Unfourtunately, he wasn't as friendly as I would have hoped he would have been. It would have been interesting to put a chapter about centaurs in my records." She sighed and picked up a twig. She twirled it about in her fingers, studied it, then threw it into the fire.

"I guess I just need to find things... To occupy my time, ever since... Ever since he died... I just..." She shook her head, "Never mind, I don't want to bog you down with my troubles." She glanced at the ground, and ate some more of the stew before it got cold.

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