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Kadis nodded. Curiosity nibbled at him, but it was better not to ask. Discussing the obliteration of his company was depressing enough. "I understand the desire to occupy yourself. Only too well." Generally, Kadis' favored method of 'occupying' himself was getting sloshed, but suggesting that Arivan take up alcoholism was a bad idea.

"I suppose it's true you don't see many groups like this. Then again, I think our little group might be a demonstration of why, it's been less than a day on the road and we've nearly come to blows."

Kadis spooned down a chunk of meat. "The Centaur probably just uncomfortable. Can't blame him, Centaurs are supposed to be a dying race for whatever reason, and either there are only handfuls left or they keep to themselves, because I've never seen one. I can't imagine they have much contact with the other races."
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