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Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
redrob41, I like the idea of having a cybernetic eye implant for Nindo. I say play around with it and post images of 2 different looks for the eye-implant. Then the people in the forum can vote...
Well, I made five eyes, but I only liked how these three turned out. I made some screenshots from far away, close up, and close up side shot. From left to right:
Circuit Board eye; Red Glass eye with black pupil; & Black Glass eye with Red Glow.
Show spoiler

After everyone has had a chance to look at them and let me know what they think, I'll add an Alpha channel effect. Probably baremetal on the gold lines of the circuit board. As for the glass ones, I'll have to do tests to see which is the best for them. CM_Baremetal might be too shiny, but I'll try CM_Specmap and CM_Bright. Are there any other envmaps that I can use?

So, which one do you think is the best looking?

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