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"In case you DIDN'T notice, not everyone came out of that battle with nothing but a scratch. Sorry to, uh..."

His thoughts trailed off. He wasn't sure how he had missed THAT guy before, because that was easily the ugliest thing he had ever seen. That was some new KIND of ugly, made Orcish Belly Dancers sound like an attractive prospect.

"How the hell did you miss mentioning, what the hell IS that guy?"

The Serpent-creature was familiar, somehow, maybe something he had heard about during a pub crawl or during his youth. Either way, it was probably rude to be giving him those revolted looks.

"...and it would probably be better if we headed out while some of us are still bleeding. It doesn't matter how long of a head start the bandits have unless a rainstorm churns up during the night. The bandits are tired, exhausted, and are probably drinking their own good fortune right now. We're in no better shape, and badly outnumbered. They made off with a cart jammed to the brim with mithril. And Mithril, while lighter than most metals, will still make a cart pretty heavy. See these ruts in the road? That's the cart. A child could follow this path. Lie down and get some sleep or eat something. If we move at first light tomorrow, we can take them while they're still hungover and asleep, with light and rest on our side. We're gonna need every advantage we can get."

He may have botched his last job, but Kadis still thought like a commander.

"There's, what, twelve of us? Against an entire bandit company. Those are long odds. Furthermore, these bandits just made off with a cartload of the most valuable metal I can think of. If their boss didn't set a trap for us, I'd be very much surprised. Of course, then again, his strategy for the attack was hardly anything solid. The way we were fighting, none of us should have survived that battle."
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