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Kadis groaned, pulling himself fully upright. "Yuan-Ti, huh?" That was...disturbing, to say the least. He'd heard of their freakish kind, although he'd never actually seen one of the monsters before. He flexed his fingers, dropping them down to his dagger. He'd be keeping a VERY close eye on that snake.

"Okay, so you want to discuss this? Alright. Let me point out each and every point where you're wrong. One, I have a broken rib, and our friend over there has an arrow wound. Two, they have to keep the cart for now. Did you see how heavily loaded it was? They'd need hundreds of men or a lot more time than they have to fully unload the cart. Three, these aren't organized, trained soldiers we're talking about here, these are bandits who just made off with a king's ransom worth of Mithril. They're going to celebrate. Four, Darkness holds no advantages for us except it's easier for us to be ambushed. Five, the fact that they know the lay of the land is all the more reason for us to move during the day when we can actually see the false floor that sends us into a pit lined with stakes. Six, I don't care what you need. If you want to follow the bandits on your own, fine, I'll try my best to see you get a decent burial."

He grinned, idly wondering what precisely this freak was on that made him think he had any clue.


His voice trailed off as he considered the rather flippant way he dismissed the idea of ambushes. He could still smell the carnage as the Seventy-Seven slowly were butchered all around him.

" can never be certain you'll spot the trap in time. Forgive me if I don't stake my life on your abilities."

He wagged his head, trying to clear the offending thoughts.

"Eight, if the man had his strategy down, it wouldn't have boiled down to a mad scramble for the cart reins. We fought like idiots, our only reason that none of us were killed is because we're all fairly able warriors. If we go charging through the forest without a plan, some of us WILL die. We might die anyway, but charging around like a berserker who just ate a bad mushroom is not going to get us anywhere but an early grave."

"Nine, if any of you have centuries of experience, you sure do a pitiful way of showing it. You know the how and the why of fighting, but you ignore the when and the where. We can let this bandit lead us around like a dog on a leash, or we can play the game by our rules. If you need any help, remember that playing by the first set of rules usually ends with your head on a pike."

He was REALLY getting tired of the superior manner of the members of this party. Ironically, the only one who thus far had made an impression on him that wasn't the desire for an axe rampage was the Elf girl, who seemed to subvert her species' stereotypical arrogance.

"And, finally, who cares what the coward Dwarf said? He's not here. I don't recall anyone voting the Centaur and the Bard into the position of group leader. I think I'd remember something like that, although I suppose it's definitely possible one of you drugged me. What exactly are their merits for command? Maybe the Bard will inspire us with a song of courage before we try to take the bandits by surprise? Maybe the Centaur will make a dashing figure with his pounding hooves before we all get our heads severed and turned into a macabre chalice?"

He rolled his eyes. It was the same everywhere. Merit, ignored. He couldn't fathom the choices of the Bard and the Centaur for lead of the party, but then again, in this group, it's not as though they're really any worse than most of the others.

A number of biting comments ran through his mind, but he bit his tongue and sat. He'd made his case. Hopefully, they might actually listen to what he had to say instead of becoming so fixated on their own plans that they dragged him down to hell. Ah, what a magnificent day to be trapped between a rock and a hard place.
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