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Arivan watched the exchange between Kadis and the Yuan-Ti.... That creature was another first for her, in fact, she hadn't even really believed that they exisisted... Just a silly story, invented to frighten young elflings around the fire.

He was an... interesting creature to say the least, but Arivan didn't think she would make an effort to speak with the creature on her own terms anyway. She glanced at Kadis, who was still sitting a few feet away from her. He was a strong looking man, and even though she was capable of taking care of herself, she still felt incredibly safe around him. She stifled a yawn, and edged a bit closer to Kadis, and the warmth of the fire and settled down. She was getting sleepy, it wasn't good to be sleepy. Enemies could sneak up on you, catch you off guard. She yawned again.

"What is that anyway? I never knew Yuan-Ti's even exisited." She said directing her question toward Kadis, but she would have been content, no matter who answered. She sat back aganist a rock, the ground she sat on was cold, but she was warmed by the crackling fire.

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