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The centaur openly laughed at Kadis' comment about merit and stepped towards him.
"And we should follow you and join the other fellows you have gotten killed with your awesome leadership, no? Let us speak of merit in leadership. How many did survive of the glorious and mighty seventy-seven?" he asked of Kadis, approaching him further before snickering at the man's attitude. Just then Eldir rushed in to the middle of the argument, spreading his arms.

"Whoah, whoah. Let's not start bickering over leadership here. It doesn't matter who leads here. What matters is that we get on that bandit trail and find the mythril as soon as we can. The faster we get the cargo, the faster we get paid and can get rid of each others" the Wild elf told them. This also answered quite aptly Icarian's question of what to do next.

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