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She glared at the creature, "I will not be intimidated by your little staring contest girl, so don't cross me. I have one more thing to tell you though, girl, choose who you side with wisely, because those you support can either lift you up, or drag you down, and I tell you, you're making a poor mistake right now, a very poor mistake." "Are you threatening me? Because I assure you, if you ever lay a hand on me you will be lying in a pool of your own blood before you have even began to think of what has happened." She placed a hand on her sword, and sighed deeply. This was a problem, she remembered, always wanting to pick fights where it wasn't nessecary, she was an elf after all... She was supposed to be taking the high road here.

Even if a fight did break out, she was pretty sure Kadis at least had her back. They seemed to get along well enough, but it was impossible to tell if he was willing to protect her as she would him, at this juncture in their very short time they had known each other. Plus, she didn't want to be betrayed... again. She stood her ground, she didn't want to back down from the creature. Though she didn't seem to have the upper hand if something violent did take place.

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