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You dont need to re-release a game to fix the bugs. That's what patches are for. And what's wrong with the graphics? They're as good as they ever were.

Starting a petition won't do anything, even if it was worth re-making the game.

They didn't listen to petitions for a new Monkey Island (which is Lucasart's most successful, original series, IMO), and they haven't listened to petitions for a JK4 (not that it's needed). The only KOTOR related thing Lucasarts should do is make another one, if they really wanted to.

They'd be much better making a brand new one than simply polishing up a game that, as many have said, wasn't that great in the first place.

Originally Posted by atombom360
Hey King Kong was an awesome remake.
Yeah, it was. But at least they waited 70 years to remake it.
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