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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Why do you believe in christianity? Thus far you have just as much evidence for that as you do these other things. Is your selection arbitrary?
Why do I believe in Christianity? I believe that Jesus is real, and that he died for my sins, and the sins of the world on the cross. I also believe that He rose from the dead.

How exactly can I have "just as much evidence for that as you do these other things"? I am agrueing against these other things.

No, my selection is not arbitrary.

Because jesus didn't appear.
So, if you ask someone to do something via a telephone, you have to see this person appear to make sure that they actually did what you asked?

"Faith" is not a good argument. If you know that "faith" is required for other things, then "faith" doesn't seem like a particularly rigorous way of determining truth.
That is what you think. I certainly think that faith is 'rigorous'. I think that what I am doing has rigor. I am trying to convince you that He is real. I think that YOU think that it is more of a joke. At least I am trying. That is all that I can do. That takes faith, and rigor. I think that many others would think the same.

It was a question. You're free to answer however you'd like.
Oh, I am sorry. I didn't see it as a question originally. To answer that question, no I will not pray to an 'invisible fairiy".

Your point wasn't much of a point

Since this isn't Kavar's I think I'm still allowed to say "yes". least with regards to their beliefs.
And how exactly would Kavar's change your opinion.

I think that many people would think that your view is irrational.

What is your evidence? If you believe this is true then what is your source of contention with the author's video?
Okay then. I know that Jesus can/has appeared to people (I know that has already been stated). I am not diputing that. I never disputed that.

Being able to figure out what someone else is going to say before they say it is a good skill to have. The best way to apply it is to not say what you were going to if their response isn't something you can counter.
Thank you.

If you are contesting what the author says then you are contesting what the bible says. If you are not contesting what the bible says, then you cannot contest what the author says. Unless you can somehow demonstrate that what the author says skews what it actually said in the bible. Which you have opted not to do up to this point.
I have already stated what I think to be is 'skewed'.
Originally Posted by Rev7
Well, I believe that this is His presense. An "annointing"? As for the anything part, that doesn't necsicarily mean that he has to 'grant' it.
You have also stated that you think that what I said was an "excuse".

Thanks for your time.

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