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I haven't really been active on this forum. But sometimes the wonder that is Grim Fandango overwhelms me, and now I have to speak. I'm currently listening to the music (Temple Gate atm), and it surprises me that some of the best music I know of is found in a game. But the music is just one part of it, it's just so beautiful and great altogether, that I'm almost surprised people aren't swooning over it everywhere on the internet. But then I realise the game is 11 years old, and hasn't really been that popular...

I actually remember first playing the demo. It was when I was in 5th grade, must have been in 98/99, on the computer of a guy who needed a PC at school to help him with his dyslexia. All of the guys used to sit with him in the breaks, playing games and stuff. I think I had got the disc with the demo from my uncle, but couldn't play it at home, because it was a sucky computer with 3.1. I don't remember when I first played the whole game. Must have been when I borrowed the game from a friend in 02/03. I played a lot of LucasArts-classics for the first time around that time). He hadn't finished it, because of a glitch in the game, with the crane by the end of the world I think. I played it together with my sister. Or at at least we started playing it together. But eventually she was so hooked that she finished it before I had left Rubacava. I loved it. I haven't played it that many times. I like to forget as much as possible from time to time. But I have a bad memory. I remember too well. Played it 2 1/2 times, I guess. But it remains my favourite game. Or maybe it's Monkey Island 2, I always have problems choosing :P
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