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Originally Posted by Rev7 View Post
Why do I believe in Christianity? I believe that Jesus is real, and that he died for my sins, and the sins of the world on the cross. I also believe that He rose from the dead.
That doesn't really address why you believe those things...which seemed to me the point of the question.
Originally Posted by Rev7 View Post
No, my selection is not arbitrary.
On what criteria did you make your selection then? Is there more evidence to support Christianity over Judaism or Islam? (Or any other myriad of options...)
Originally Posted by Rev7 View Post
So, if you ask someone to do something via a telephone, you have to see this person appear to make sure that they actually did what you asked?
If I asked them to come over to my house to eat pizza and drink beer, then...yes. Otherwise I can be fairly confident that they did not do what I asked.
Originally Posted by Rev7 View Post
And how exactly would Kavar's change your opinion.

I think that many people would think that your view is irrational.
I very much doubt his actual opinion would change, he simply would not voice it in Kavar's because they are touchy about his word choice there.

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