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"Now wait just a minute," Reibe objected, frowning. "The Jabos Team are not Sith Hunters. I mentioned one of their team that turned out like us. Meaning, she ages slowly and her natural Force sensitivity is far more prevalent than it was before she went through the machine."

To the young man who'd trained under Strider, she said, "Now, young man, I shall address your first question, the one concerning Strider's whereabouts." She stood and pressed her hands against the table, leaning over it to come nearer to the young man's face. Then, she shrugged abruptly.

"Haven't a clue," she said. "I may be the Hunter Leader, and I may have my own galactic network of informants, but Strider has always excelled at avoiding informants. We have only ever received reports of his ship being sighted, but the validity of those claims is next to nothing."

She dropped back into her seat and concluded, "Sorry I can't be of more help to you, kid, but if Strider doesn't want to be found, not even his 'commander' can draw him out. Unless..." She frowned thoughtfully.

"I could spread the word through my network that I'm looking for him," she said slowly. "It might capture his attention enough to bring him here. But I must ask your intentions. You seem quite upset concerning the manner of his departure, which was clearly unexpected. I need to be fully aware of what sort of welcome I may be calling my old friend into."

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