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Andra, watching wide-eyed, had scooted her chair back from the table seconds before the boy threw it; Reibe merely shifted her weight so as not to be dependent on the table for support.

"Was he the fool, or were you?" she asked calmly. "Perhaps Strider was trying to do you a favor by leaving you alone for a while, hmm?" She sighed and shook her head. "I'll put this to you very bluntly, kid. You're talented; that much is evident just looking at you. But..."

She lifted the table back into place. "... your temper is shorter than a Cathar's when he's hunting. You're confident in your skills to the point of cockiness. This leads you to needless actions, such as throwing the table away as you just did. Sure, it provides a vent for your frustration, but there are more valuable ways to vent your anger and pain."

Her eyes flashed dangerously. "And if you ever call Strider a coward again, I may have to beat some sense into you. When you say your beliefs began to divert from his... that is when he left you? Then that was when he realized that challenging your beliefs would go nowhere, in which case further training from him was a needless exercise in patience and testing the line in the sand, which crossing would ignite the fire of your temper.

"As to the question of concern for Strider's well-being if I were to call him here, I do not doubt that, with his skills he could soundly trounce you. So could I, for that matter, and with the two of us together, you wouldn't even stand a chance at holding your ground."

After a moment of intense silence, Andra spoke up, turning to the young man. "It's not worth it... your challenge. They'll outsmart you... every time."

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