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Originally Posted by The Source View Post
You may learn that Revan and Exile fought. Revan's canon refers to a Jedi male, and Exile's canon refers to a Sith female. Either they had a love interest, and one of them killed the other. One became a Sith Lord, and the other became the apprentice. Or, they both became Jedi, fought against the threat in the Unknown Regions, and then died in the process.
I thought the canon ending in Kotor2 was Exile=Female/LS, not DS.

It says that on wookiepedia, at least.

But I think it would serve the story better if they just flat out tell you that Revan was male and returned to the light, and that the Exile was female and was Light side as well. It could be cool if played as either Revan or the Exile again maybe right at the beginning. You start off with an epic battle against the True Sith Lord as either one, or both in the party. This True Sith is so powerful that he/she drains both characters of their powers and nearly kills them(or kills one, captures one maybe?). You somehow escape and start off relearning force powers(not entirely, maybe you start off with very little powers, or at least already have the force unlocked).

You return to the known universe meet up Carth and the Republic and inform them that the True Sith lord could not be defeated etc. and he's planning on destroying/conquering the galaxy.

I dunno, just thinking out loud.
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